Emma Bailey

Super Duper Close Up

Super Duper Close Up

Super Duper Close Up

Written and performed by Jessica Latowicki as part of Made in China at the Yard Theatre.

Dramaturg / Tim Cowbury

Design / Emma Bailey

Lighting design / Alex Fernandes

Composer & Sound design / Tom Parkinson

Choreographer /  Irene Cioni

Camera operator and performer / Valentina Formenti

    Video Design / Mikaela Liakata

    Design Assistant / Lauren Dix

    "Emma Bailey's set is lots of fun to look at with all its colour. And her exciting, creative eye is also represented in Latowicki's disgustingly beautiful, shiny green dress. It's tacky, in all the best ways." Broadway World★★★★

    "This is a show with an exterior that glistens and twinkles like a Faberge egg, but its insides are filled with a swirling molten pool of sadness and rage." The Stage★★★★

    "The fluffy pink rug, rainbow streamers and overflow of flowers suggest artifice and pretence...It is one of many clever methods used to comment on the separation between our virtual and real selves. Every aspect, from the set design (Emma Bailey) to the contents of the monologue itself, feels essential to Latowicki’s exploration of this idea...There’s so much more that I could say about this extraordinary show, but I just don’t have the words. Sorry. I guess you’ll just have to go and see it instead." Spy in the Stalls★★★★★

    "The staging is bright and garish, backdropped by a generic cascading stream scene reminiscent of a smartphone home screen image. This loud visual framing, combined with Tom Parkinson’s varied and jarring soundscape, effectively creates an atmosphere of constant sensory overload, making Latowicki’s multiple bouts of panicked hyperventilation seem all the more justified." The Reviews Hub★★★★★

    "Its own sugary veneer in Emma Bailey’s fun design." Time Out

    "A woman in a frilly green dress stands centre stage, flanked by sparkly silver curtains. She looks girly but exhausted, stuck between childhood and maturity. The stage is equally in limbo. A projection screen hangs above a bright picture of a waterfall and odd props – flowers, clothes, make-up – lie strewn about. It looks like a film set; a funeral parlour; a karaoke bar; a luxury holiday. This is a set that doesn’t know itself, designed with an easy sense of chaos by Emma Bailey. It is the ideal backdrop for a show about an anxious actress at a crossroads, unsure of where to go next." The Guardian

    - photos by John Hunter at RULER