Emma Bailey




Created by Made In China and Christopher Brett Bailey at the Unicorn Theatre

Set & Costume Design / Emma Bailey

Lighting design / Alex Fernandes

Sound design / Lewis Gibson

Dramaturgy / Dominique Collet

"Oh and there’s also some gross potion making, a giant cardboard fist, a lot of running around and shedloads of weird visual gags...so unfathomably, hilariously different that it’s almost hard to imagine how it was allowed to happen." Time Out★★★★

"Emma Bailey’s high-concept multicolour set is another highlight. Numerous small jokes emerged as the play progressed: delightfully, each of the footlights had visible toes, while a phone receiver dangling from the ceiling was yanked absent-mindedly to draw up a partition, revealing more elaborate set-pieces. Bailey incorporates slapstick into the set itself: in a moment straight out of a Terry Gilliam animation, a six-foot-tall fist on wheels barged out of the wings to knock Jess over mid-joke. In its innovative staging, Double Double Act is a triumph." The Culture Whisper★★★★

"A magnetic mix of mayhem, slime and wild dancing" The Guardian

"Designer Emma Bailey's set has plenty of fizz" What's On Stage

- photos by Ben Millar Cole and Helen Murray