Emma Bailey




Written and directed by L. J. Skilbeck at Camden People's Theatre

Set & Costume Design / Emma Bailey

Lighting design / Joshua Pharo

Composition and sound design / David Lewington

"Beneath Joshua Pharo's warm golden light, designer Emma Bailey sits two wax pillars melting – old structures gradually falling away. Bullish pushes on elsewhere – a celebration of choice that never loses sight of the struggle of choosing, but lays the scope of options out in full sight. It's a big, quick step up." What's On Stage★★★★

"It’s performed by a crack cast of trans and gender-fluid performers who sport little gold horns, pencilled on moustaches and glitter beards as they mash up the stories and embrace a range of musical styles from rap to ballads." The Guardian★★★

"...innovative and uplifting 65-minute show." The Reviews Hub★★★★

"Bullish is an urgent, important and necessary exploration of gender that makes its point with coherence in the most gorgeous of ways."Everything-Theatre★★★★

"Joshua Pharo’s lighting design and Emma Bailey’s design were truly magnificent." Thespyinthestalls★★★★★

"The set design is minimal, but it doesn't matter – we are told from the start that this a mental labyrinth. Mirrors cage the stage, reflecting and refracting identity and broken light." Hiive★★★★

- photos by Ben Millar Cole