Emma Bailey

As You Like It

As You Like It

As You Like It

Directed by Derek Bond at the Southwark Playhouse

Set & Costume Design / Emma Bailey

Lighting design / Sally Ferguson & Charlie Lucas

Sound design and composition / Jude Obermüller

"Perfect Shakespeare...Confetti rains down onto the bare stage almost continuously, firstly as white Winter snow falling on top of orange remnants of Autumn and later as the green leaves of Spring. Visually, this is a production that is bewitching in its simplicity." Public Reviews★★★★★

"Bond and his designer Emma Bailey have come up with a very simple image, showered with colour, that is gorgeous and works splendidly. I guessed at what might happen from what I saw when first taking my seat—and was right, but never envisaged just how extravagantly beautiful it was going to be." British Theatre Guide

"There's a huge amount to enjoy in Derek Bond's cheerful interpretation of Shakespeare's As You Like It, not least the multifarious showers of confetti from the sky." There Ought To Be Clowns

"The transition from Court to the Forest of Arden, with white paper hailing down upon the heads of our saddened voyagers, accompanied by the sweet sinews of Jude Obermuller’s original score, is a moment of such breath taking beauty that all that proceeds is forgotten and I, in effect, start again. I longed for theatrical magic and happily found myself in Narnia." Post Script Journal

"Designer Emma Bailey's confetti machine honours Shakespeare's pathetic fallacy whereby bursts of coloured paper signal the changing of the seasons. Specks of white paper snow announce a bitter and desperate winter, leaving bright green to welcome the renewed hope of spring...By the time the brilliantly comic second half has come to and end, the audience is left giddy, grinning, and brushing confetti off their shoulders." The Art's Desk★★★★

"Derek Bond’s new production at the Southwark Playhouse leaves you satisfied and with a delicious taste in the mouth, given its often inspired use of physical comedy, musicality, romance, and confetti. I’d be surprised if people left the theatre without grinning like a loon." What's On Stage★★★★

- photos by Robert Workman